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The Amberij, Drenthe
“Where the best in people can meet”

A wonderful countryside facility
The Amberij came into existence from the perception that ecology plays a vital  part in the succes of human development processes. Half the work is already done if assisted by a good ecology. 

The Amberij is a simple and warm group accomodation which carries a special atmosphere, also due to the usage of natural materials like wood and loam and the many windows all around.. It is located in a pastoral  surrounding, away from the city life, borders on a nature reserve and the landscape is rural, fields interspersed with woodland.
The silence of nature assists in building a good working ecology.

A pigsty has been magically transformed into an attractive residence with four simple double rooms, an inviting kitchen, bath-, shower- and sanitary facilities. 
Next to this there is 'het voorhuis' (the frontpart of the farm) in which there are another four (double)rooms, shower- and sanitary facilities.

It is a wonderful silent and quietening place ...

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